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Six Exciting Matches at Palm City Polo

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Six Exciting Matches at Palm City Polo
Boynton Beach, Fla. - Feb. 24, 2017- In the second week of February tournament play, Palm City Polo featured a polo palooza, hosting six exciting tournament matches in both the 3-6 and 6-10 goal leagues last weekend. Teams from Precise Property, Inc., Mayer Ranch, Greenhill Winery, TuffRider and Stone Pony all prevailed in their respective matches to add another notch in their win column.

Precise Property, Inc. Posts Clear-Cut Victory against Greenhill Winery 7-5
Precise Property, Inc. defined their status winning their inaugural match of the 3-6 goal league tournament on Friday against Greenhill Winery. Fifteen-year-old Clark Mayer's impressive hat trick for Precise Property, Inc. earned him the distinction of high scorer of the match. Bruce Schreiber assisted in their success with two goals and Bob Painter added one to the count. Greenhill Winery's Dennis Fitzpatrick and Whitney Ross each contributed two goals as well as one by Rebekah Pizana for a 7-5 final score.
Precise Property           Greenhill Winery
Bob Painter A                  Rebekah Pizana B   
Bruce Schreiber B            Whitney Ross A     
Clark Mayer B                  Dennis Fitzpatrick A
Joey Casey 4                   John Gobin 4
Mayer Ranch Stomps on Spats 4-3.5
In the 6-10 goal league tournament Mayer Ranch won their second consecutive game, this time against Spats on Friday afternoon. The Spats team had one half goal in the can as part of their handicap, yet they still were not able to overcome the mighty Mayer Ranch team scoring only three goals, two by Adam Koffler and one by Rick Salter. Team patron Ken Mayer sent two through the posts for his team. Timmy Sharma and Omar Sosa each notched one to give Mayer Ranch the win 4-3.5.
Mayer Ranch                Spats                  
Ken Mayer A                  Adam Koffler A               
Timmy Sharma 1            Rick Salter B                  
Omar Sosa 2                  Pancho Eddy 4               
Hector Galindo 5            Charlie Muldoon

Ken Mayer 
Kings Hill Reigned Supreme Against Greenhill Winery 4-3.5
On Saturday, Kings Hill remained on top of their game defeating Greenhill Winery in the 3-6 goal league tournament. Team patron Kevin Brown and Jeff Blake tallied two goals a piece to secure the victory. As the sole scorer, David Greenhill tried valiantly to give his Greenhill Winery team the victory. Starting with a one and one half goal handicap, they were still unable to dethrone Kings Hill, losing by half a goal 4-3.5.

Kings Hill                       Greenhill Winery
Kevin Brown B.5              Rebekah Pizana B                              
Chip McKenney A             David Greenhill B                     
Geoff Richards A              Dennis Fitzpatrick A
Jeff Blake 6                     John Gobin 4        
John Gobin and Kevin Brown

TuffRider Scores in Final Seconds to Win against Precise Property Inc. 6-5.5
In one of the most exciting matches of the season, TuffRider defeated Precise Property, Inc. by a mere half goal on Saturday afternoon. Bob Kohn smashed one through the posts within seconds after the match began and Brad Blake clinched the 6-5.5 victory just before the horn in the final chukker. Youngsters Jacqi Casey and Matias Sosa also scored for TuffRider. Bob Painter, Bruce Schreiber and Clark Mayer recorded goals for Precise Property, Inc.
TuffRider                      Precise Property
Jacqi Casey A                 Bob Painter A
Bob Kohn A                    Bruce Schreiber B           
Matias Sosa 1.5              Clark Mayer B        
Brad Blake 4                  Charlie Muldoon 4

Jacqi Casey
Stone Pony Benefits from Handicap to Beat Spats/Pony Up 6-5
In the 3-6 goal league tournament match on Sunday, both teams notched five goals, however, Stone Pony started with one on the board due to handicap giving them the edge to defeat Stone Pony 6-5. David Greenhill was the high scorer for Stone Pony with three while Pancho Eddy added three to the board for Spats/Pony Up. Other goals for Stone Pony were recorded by Dennis Fitzpatrick and Carlos Baez. The Spats/Pony Up team had help from Rick Salter and Charlie Muldoon.

Stone Pony                    Spats/Pony Up 
David Greenhill B             Adam Koffler A
Dennis Fitzpatrick A         Rick Salter B
Carlos Baez 2                  Pancho Eddy 4
John Gobin 4                  Charlie Muldoon 4

Mayer Ranch Remains Unstoppable, Defeating Boca Polo in Holiday Match 4.5-4
In the 6-10 league match on Monday, team patron Ken Mayer remained true to his word when he stated that he expected to be undefeated this year. His Mayer Ranch team defeated Boca Polo by the half goal they received for their handicap. Mayer assisted in the win by scoring twice along with one each by Timmy Sharma and Omar Sosa. Peter Nathanial and Geoff Richards gave Boca Polo two goals each for a final score of 4.5-4.
Boca Polo                       Mayer Ranch
Peter Nathanial A             Ken Mayer A 
Geoff Richards A              Timmy Sharma 1
Joey Casey 4                   Hector Galindo 5
Jeff Blake 6                     Omar Sosa 2

Timmy Sharma and Joey Casey
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