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England vs India 16 – 1 WPC

England smash India to announce presence in Australia

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England announced their presence at the Sydney FIP World Championships on Sunday with a resounding 16-1 over India.

In a fast-paced game that again illustrated the quality of the horses provided by the hosts, England played a classic four-man game that saw India regularly exposed at the back as they failed to pick up the English runners.  

Driven by seasoned professionals Peter Webb and Satnam Dilhon, England stole possession from India in the 50/50 plays and passed long quickly to find Henry Porter and Josh Cork, the latter whom had been expected to start at number two, but lined up in the green helmet signifying the number one player. 

Winning 16 to 7 throw ins, possession was never a problem, with India scrambling in defence and failing to establish a foothold in the game.  

India coach Uday Kalaan said in the post-match press conference that India were slow getting to their men as England dominated the tight plays.

England’s dominance was highlighted by nine missed shots at goal to just three from India.

“A very god start,” Said captain Dilhon. “We just have to be careful that for the next game we don’t get too confident.”.

“I just think we prepared really well. We came early. We played a tournament beforehand. We had a plan. We stuck to the plan and it came off,” added Dilhon.

India, who fielded the youngest player in the tournament in HH Padmanabh Singh, did create chances the game but the talented Siddhant Sharma rarely was given the space to play, as India were outclassed by a team that had played a warm-up tournament and, by the way they are talking, have come to win.