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USPA Silver Cup
Thursday, July 18th 2018
10:00am - Huntsman vs Postage Stamp Farm - Cow Neck Farm
Please see attached full tournament schedule. Please Note two changes to the schedule. Tomorrows game is being played in the Hamptons, not in Greenwich. The Subsidiary Final will be played Saturday, July 21st at 5:00pm instead of Sunday Morning.
If there are any questions concerning any of these changes please let me know. 
Thank you,

Raleigh Craighead
Polo Manager
Cell 913-221-7516

2018 USPA Silver Cup


July, 18th 2018

Sunday, July 8th

3:00pm Island House vs Faraway

Thursday, July 12th

3:00pm Faraway vs Postage Stamp Farm

5:00pm Island House vs Huntsman


Sunday, July 15th

3:00pm Island House vs Postage Stamp Farm

Monday, July 16th

5:00pm Huntsman vs Faraway

Thursday, July 19th

10:00am Huntsman vs Postage Stamp Farm – Cow Neck Farm

Saturday, July 21st

5:00pm Faraway vs Island House – Subsidiary

Sunday, July 22nd

3:00pm Postage Stamp Farm vs Huntsman - Final