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Venezuelan 22-goal Gold Cup results

Caracas Polo and Sebucan in 22-goal Gold Cup finals

By Alex Webbe

The finals have finally been determined after two weeks of competition in the

Venezuelan 22-goal Gold Cup with Caracas Polo (Victor Vargas, Alfredo Vargas,

Juan M. Nero and Martin Espain) coasting into the finals of the tournament with a

perfect record in preliminary play. Sebucan (Gonzalo Mendoza, Sebastian Harriot,

Pablo Jauretche and Toto Urturi) earned the right to face Caracas Polo in the finals on

Saturday, October 5 at the Caracas Polo Club in Tucacas, Venezuela on the strength of

a 3-2 record.

Los Samanes II (Luis Eduardo, Toto Collardin, Juan Brane and Andres James) and

Mindanao (Jaime Restrepo, Tomas Franco, Santiago Cernadas and Jose Villamil)

will battle it out for third place honors while Los Samanes (Carlos Silva, Facundo

Castagnola, Agustin Canale and Marcelo Frayssinet) and Eliet Polo (Elias Celis, Jose

Rivas, Juan Harriot and Julia Diaz) will decide the fifth place finisher.

The 22-goal Gold Cup finals wrap up two weeks of competition that have displayed

some of the highest level of polo in Venezuela in years.

The Caracas Polo club will wrap up its high-goal season with Monday’s finals of the 26-

goal Gold Cup between Caracas Polo (Victor Vargas, Toto Collardin, Juan Brane and

Pablo Jauretche) and Agualinda (Sebastian Harriot, Agustin Canale, Martin Espain and

Juan Harriot).

Caracas Polo has to be considered the tournament favorite after scoring a 10-6 win

over Agualinda in earlier tournament play.